Birdhouse Builders




Our Vision is to provide a safe, quality, preschool program that emphasizes a connection to nature and respect for all living things. We strive to accomplish this through a joyful, play-based, curriculum that recognizes and appreciates the unique personality of each child.  A spirit of caring and community will prevail.



The basis of our preschool’s philosophy is the belief that children are innately social, curious, and active learners.  Our teachers recognize the value of role modeling and the importance of observing, expanding upon interests, and knowing when to step in or step back.  Materials and activities that engage the child, and allow them to explore freely, are essential.

We also understand that a connection to nature is one of the most important gifts we can give children growing up in such a technological era. We strive to establish strong foundations to last a lifetime.  In addition to a love of Nature we encourage compassion, tolerance, self-expression, creativity, resourcefulness, and responsibility.

We draw from philosophies that include Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Nature Based, and some Montessori.  This approach makes our preschool unique.



The garden and indoor/outdoor play areas offer wonderful places for children to explore and use their natural sense of wonder.  They provide a unique and important learning environment. Driven by our strong belief in experiential, child-centered education, and universal values, many activities are offered each day providing children with the opportunity to make choices, become independent thinkers and active learners. By observing the children’s interests, a developmentally appropriate and emergent curriculum unfolds, providing a rich and respectful learning environment.


Our commitment to a smaller class sizes stems from our belief that the preschool experience should resemble a loving, extended, family.  The foundation of all we do is dependent upon the relationships we form.  Our goal is to be able to meet each child’s needs, and to foster warm, loving, relationships.

Redwood Campus: 8-10 children with 2 teachers and a co-op parent.

Creekside Campus: 14-16 children with 2 teachers, an assistant, and a co-op parent.