Program Description

Program Description

Program Details

We enroll children 3 (+ or -) years old to 5 years old

We have up to 16 children each day.  We have 2 fully qualified and experienced teachers (one is bi-lingual) and when the group exceeds 12 or 13 we have a qualified teaching assistant.  The Director is also hands-on and available to shift from an administrative to teaching role as needed.

We find the small group size and mixed ages lend to a ‘family like’ atmosphere where helpfulness, manners, and cooperation are more naturally fostered.

Each day, following morning circle, we split into 2 or 3 small groups of 5-7 children.  It strengthens bonds and relationships when the children have a dedicated time to work with a small group of peers.  Some of the things we do during this special time include:  harvesting from the garden, preparing snack, nature walks around campus, cooperative games/projects, story writing, and other activities specifically related to the current interest of the group.

We are an indoor/outdoor school (mostly), and require appropriate play clothing for all types of weather conditions.  Our work is often messy so spare clothing is a must.  We make snack each day, usually with the children, and it is available from about 10:30 – 11:30.  It is usually self serve but also family style.  Children are encouraged to pass things around and help each other.

We have a lot of experience and a deep understanding of child development.  We are able to view naturally occurring conflicts as learning opportunities, and are skilled at guiding children through the process of finding solutions to problems.  We love to share our knowledge with parents, as this is a most important life skill.

We have a bottom line expectation of physical and emotional safety for all.

For the kids who are interested, we offer opportunities to work on math, reading, and writing skills. About 1/3 of our children go on to Apple Blossom (fairly academic),  about 1/3 to Waldorf Inspired schools, and about 1/3 split into private, charter, or home school programs. We find we accommodate all of our families well, with our unique philosophy and practices.