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Barbara Stockton

Program Administrator, Director/Teacher (Redwood Campus)

Grandma and Ava - Selfie #2

Barbara founded, developed, and ran Blue Sky Preschool in Sonoma until retiring in 2007.  After a 5 year hiatus she returned to early childhood education and joined the Tree House Hollow staff, replacing Founding Director Franny Minervini-Zick.  She brings almost 30 years of experience working with children and families in Sonoma County. She holds 3 AA/AS Degrees: in Child Development, Behavioral Science, and Natural Science.  She holds a Site Supervisor Permit through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Barbara believes that children thrive when the value of play is deeply understood and teachers embrace and respect the importance of a nature based, commercially free, learning environment. It is her goal that children will have ample time to realize their internal drive to practice challenging tasks, creatively problem solve, and build relationships in a safe, nurturing, and beautiful environment.

Holly Link

Teacher/Assistant Director (Creekside Campus)

Painting Holly - Cropped

Holly came to Tree House Hollow in December of 2014 and fit right in with her deep understanding of how important sensory play is for young children.  Her skill at observing, documenting, and expanding upon the rich ideas that emerge from the children themselves is perfectly aligned with the existing practices at Tree House Hollow.  She is warm, enthusiastic, and deeply respectful of each child’s unique personality.  Holly earned her BA in Child Development from Pacific Oaks College in 2014 and has just finished her first year of Graduate School at Sonoma State University.  We are beyond thrilled to have Holly join our Team!

Jessica Pinaula

Assistant Teacher (Redwood Campus)

Jessica is our assistant teacher at the Redwood campus. She has a certificate in Business Administration and is continuing her education in Early Childhood coursework. She has experience working with children with special needs. Jessica has worked in home preschools and has been a nanny in the last 10 years. Her dedication, intuition and gentle care are so appreciated by our families. She is mama to Damien Loki.

Megan Wilson

Director/Teacher (Creekside Campus) and dancer


Megan has been working with preschool children for over 10 years and has been at Tree House Hollow since 2007.  She has a California Early Childhood Education Teacher Permit and has attained more than 30 units in Early Childhood Education. She holds a BA degree in Environmental Studies with a focus in Outdoor Leadership, and a minor in Early Childhood Education from Sonoma State University. Megan has a large theatre and gardening background and deep interests in education, the environment, sustainability, and helping young people become good stewards of our planet. She heads the garden committee at the Creekside Campus and leads the adventure day group off campus 2 days a week to climb, wade, and immerse in nature.


Rebekah Graham

Lead Teacher (Redwood Campus)

Rebekah is our 2’s and 3’s Lead teacher at our Redwood campus. She has been teaching preschool and working for non profits serving families and children for the last 25 years. Her Early Childhood coursework began in Multicultural/Diversity/Anti-Bias and Peace Education. Rebekah is a continuing student and working towards a degree from Pacific Oaks College. Waldorf teachers training enhances her work in nature-based community preschool. She is patient, nurturing, playful and respectful to our youngest Tree House Hollow students. Rebekah is mother to Peter, Joshua, John and Mariel and a Grandma to Damien Loki.

Jesse Genthe

Assistant Teacher (Redwood Campus)

Jesse joined us in the late Fall of 2015 as an assistant teacher. She has 12 units in Early Childhood Education and was eager to jump right into our adventure days and a busy classroom. Inspired to work with young children from time spent with her nephew, she has been a wonderful asset to our team. Jesse is kind, calm, nurturing, and is so insightful and quick to learn. She is continuing her education at SRJC, while working full-time at Tree House Hollow.

Maricela O. Rodriguez

Bilingual Teacher (Creekside Campus)


Maricela was born in Michoacan Mexico. She came to the United States with her family (her four children: Yesenia, Benigno, Daniel, and Mariana, and her husband, Benigno) 8 years ago. She has an Associate Teachers Certificate and has more than 7 years of experience working with elementary school age children in her country. This is her sixth year working at Tree House Hollow.  Her children attend Apple Blossom, Twin Hills Middle School, Analy High School and Sonoma State University.  Maricela exudes warmth and humor and believes that a curriculum that arises from the true interests of the children is the most meaningful.  She loves cooking with the children, writing story plays, and teaching and playing cooperative games.


Alexandra Sanchez

Teacher (Creekside Campus)


Alexandra is currently enrolled in her second year at Sonoma State University. She is majoring with a bachelor of arts in Early Childhood Studies. Alexandra has worked in a preschool setting as a volunteer during summer camps for about five years. Under the inspiration of her grandmother, Alexandra has found a passion in working with children. She joined us as an intern in Summer of 2015 and started as an official assistant teacher in Fall 2015.  While helping to lead adventure days, she has begun to see how much outside play can be beneficial to children. She is now beginning her second year, and is a fully qualified Teacher. She looks forward to learning so much more while working alongside all of our great teachers.